New Year’s Prediction: Tax bill will cause economy to boom and the Republicans to maintain power.

The general consensus in the media is that the new tax bill is highly unpopular, Trump is highly unpopular, and therefore the Republicans will lose the house in the 2018 mid-term elections.  This will lead to a Trump impeachment and pave the way to the Democrats returning to power.

tax plan celebrationI just saw a video where an interviewer asked liberal New Yorkers what they thought of the new tax bill.  They said that it was terrible, would raise their taxes, and it was  just for the rich.  The interviewer then told them about the alternative tax plan proposed by Bernie Sanders.  They were enthusiastic and said they could support this plan.  The interviewer then told them that it was not actually a Bernie Sanders plan; he had just described the Republican tax plan.   Highlights from Video

The Democrats and the media have done a very effective job of telling people that their rates will go up, so of course the plan is very unpopular.  This, however, is a flat lie.  The Washington Post gave the statement that most middle class families would have their taxes raised four Pinocchios and said that in fact the opposite is true.

The problem for the Democrats is that in February the rate changes will significantly lower the withholding in most people’s paychecks and these people will see for themselves that their  taxes will go down.   At this time I expect this bill and the Republicans will get much more popular.

The economy has already improved greatly since the presidential  election.  I believe that this is due to Trump’s reduction of regulations and the general belief in the business community that now the government will no longer be their enemy.  I predict that in 2018 with the addition of this tax plan, the United States economy will have an amazing boom that most people can’t even imagine.  By the end of 2014, quarterly economic  growth will exceed 4%, a number that many economists now say is impossible.

As a result of this economic boom, I also predict that the Republicans will hold the house in 2018 and will actually increase seats in the Senate due to the high number of Democratic seats up for election in states Trump carried in 2016.

Am I right?  We will see in a year.